Review of Asgardian Stones

Asgardian Stones is an online slot machine game produced by Net Entertainment. The release date was on February 22nd, 2018. Which makes it a new game, the released game will allow players to play with real money. The stakes will get higher than the usual free games. Players will be able to play this game on other online casinos. This guarantees users to feel as if they are in a casino during the slot machine game. Asgardian Stones revolves around the mythical realms which any human many endure. Even though it is a fantasy, it is a big hit on Net Entertainment.

Where to play

The Asgardian Stones can be performed through the web, whether on desktop computers or smartphones. The game consists of 5 reels and 20 pay lines which makes it interesting. The buy-in starts at 20 pounds till 200 euros. The game design plays a significant role in the game because it gives off a kind of mystical vibe. The players can witness the gates of Asgard, which will remind them of the ancient times.

As known, Asgard is a place for gods, and this slot machine takes you there! The user will feel at Asgard soon as they see the large stones, and power that the game sends out. The set also contains a soundtrack, so for maximum effect, wear headsets. Even, the signs that symbolise the cards A, K, Q will get you the highest values.

About the game

Asgardian Stone comes with the Norse theme which provides the players with many features. The game also comes will colossal cyphers, that can make winning much more comfortable than it is. First, a screen with all play lines is displaying. It is mostly Aces, kings and queens that get shown in a flashy manner. Once the user clicks on the spin button, those stones fall off the screen. You are now faced with a few rocks on the left side and a considerable spin wheel on the right. You are given the option to spin the wheel, and that is how you can collect your winnings. The game is exciting and different than usual slot machine games. It gives a certain vibe that slot machines don’t usually give off. No other slot mechanism game displays the symbols then lets them explode on the spot before returning.

review of asgardian stone

Game Features

This slot game provides a variety of features from free spins to bonus features. Sone of the highlights is the Wildcard. This can get substituted for all the symbols on the Bonus wheel. As mentioned above, a user can receive up to 25 the times their buy-in.  This is done by their signs A, K, Q and any other God figures. Blocks that can match the symbols 2×2, 3×3 will provide you with the maximum winnings. If the user receives colossal symbols come together, the victories get bigger. The free spins can make up to 15 turns, once the user gets into three free spin segments.

Review of Planet of The Apes

Did you ever feel imagine what it could be like on Planet of the Apes? To be thriving with apes all around you. Well, the game is officially here! And you would feel just like you would in the movie. This slot game was made to put players on their feet and enjoy real-time movie games. It is not considered one of the best Netent games for nothing! There are action packed features that can be accessed throughout the whole game to make it more interesting. It does justice to both movies as well as any future movies that may be created as a sequel.

Where to play

You can play anywhere through any of your screen devices. It offers maximum light and speed endurance, so you will feel like you are in the game. As well as the sound effects which make you feel like you are in the movie. For the best fact, it is best to wear headphones and crank the volume. Each game starts with 5-reels, 3-rows (each side), and 20 fixed pay lines. The set comes with features similar but not limited to, wind substitutions, Stacked Wild, Dual and free spins and bonuses.Bet levels can range from 1-10 and coin levels from $0.01 – $1.00. You also have the option to choose autoplay for some rounds. There are many symbols rewards even for beginners!

planet of the apes uk slot

About the game

This slot was created because more and more people enjoyed the movie and its sequels. The game lets users relive two movie sequels as if they are inside the game. These two films are “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. The owners made sure the lights and action are up to a maximum to give players a sense of the movie. The slot machine was released on October 23, 2017, by Fox studios.

These two movies are placed in slots of next to each other to display a dark and light effect. As well as the characters in the film which make an appearance on some of the slots. This allows the player to view the slots from a different perspective, just like how the movies are different.

Lots of Good Times

Many users enjoy the introduction that is placed at the beginning of the slot game. The video starts to play as soon as you open the game. It gives you a glimpse of the two movies and action-packed features to get you more attracted to play.  It provides you with two games at once, structures five rollers and 20 pay lines of action. However, each of them operates independently, which the players find interesting. The slot game also allows users to play double dual; this makes it more extravagant. They can also stack wild feature; this occurs when the Rise area is in the same position as the Dawn area. When this happens, you are entering the super mega win of multiple wins at a time! If you want to read my latest 2018 slot reviews you can find them HERE.

Review of Twin Spin Deluxe

Twin Spin Deluxe is a Netent game and was produced by Unibet Casino. This slot game is very similar to the original slot game but was created as an enhancement. It can also use different game engines which allows the player to utilize the game in many ways. The stakes are higher since there is more money outcome. Another addition to the Twin Spin Deluxe than the original is the modern fruit styles. It causes users to be able to relate and feel refreshed by the new version of the game. The Twin Spin Deluxe has marked the history of Net Entertainment.

Where to play

Twin Spin Deluxe can play anywhere through any of your screen devices. Through 6 reels, Twin Spin Deluxe produces cluster plays. This allows the player to win the game once you have 9 or more cyphers. To enter the contest, the coin levels start from 10 pounds to 100 euros per spin. The beautiful part is, is that the payout can reach 1,000 times what you paid to begin with. The game has original soundtracks that were taken from the original game itself. Twin Spin Deluxe allows playing cards like the J, Q, K and the Ace card. The slot game also made from the original game, which are the cherries, bells, bar, red 7s and blue diamonds. At times you can get the maximum payout by receiving an around 30 symbols in a cluster. This is the maximum win any user would be able to achieve.

About the game

The game was made to enhance the original game, and it succeeds in doing so. It is powered by Net Entertainment software and has a particular spiral in it. It provides players with mixed fruit and neon lights symbols to be more attractable. As you play, you will feel like you are in an arcade with all the effects the game has. You can also win free spins to increase your chances of winning. Twin Spin Deluxe will be a game you wish you can go to a casino and play. The winnings are usually more than the entering fee that the player started with. Twin Spin Deluxe introduced the victories with clusters through the symbols. This is different than standard slot machines, thus making it more exciting than usual. A logo will be part of a group with horizontal and vertical adjacencies. The game also provided Autoplay to learn new techniques.

twin spin deluxe uk

Lots of Fun

All players want to be able to produce mega wins, and here is how to achieve that! First, there is the Synced Reels; this is the original game. It is when two reels sync with each other throughout the whole spin, yes that happens! At times, the entire screen is filled with the same exact reels; this is the ultimate win for any player. You may think its impossible since they seem to have different symbols, but they all could come together. Lastly, is Cluster Plays which is obtaining a minimum of 9 cyphers clusters horizontal or vertically. The mega super win for this is the 30 cypher cluster group, which would pay out huge.

Review of Starburst

The Starburst slot game is powered by Net Entertainment. It contains incredibly struck jewels that would change the appearance of the game itself. It is ranked as Netent most popular games with many users still playing it. The game was made for players to feel the good old days. The primary source is to contact as if you are in an arcade while playing the game repeatedly. Starburst is met for simplicity, so users don’t need to think so hard while playing. The game believes in “less is more”, which made it considered an online gambling game. It is regarded as one of the best slot machines, especially since it has its game portfolio! It is safe to say; players have at least played this game once in their life!

Where to play

Starburst slot can be played on your computer or your smartphone. It is a very active game that consists of lively colours. The game is high-speed, and it is needed to be a bit quick to win maximum payouts. The game consists of 5-reels and three rows, with a buy-in starting at 10 pounds till 100 euros per spin. The stone symbols add a touch of classy yet glamourous to the slot machine. There are also chances of getting the Lucky 7 and Bar symbols. If you receive a wild symbol on one reel, the rest of the coils will re-spin. Yes, lucky needs to be on your side! At times, the player can get up to 3 re-spins, which is impressive since it is more chances to win. Starburst slots are also available at casinos as one of the leading attractions!

starburst ukDifferent ways to play

There are different ways to play Starburst. You can either focus on the jewel symbols or the Lucky7 and Bar symbols. Both ways, there are two different outcomes. The Lucky 7 and Bar are there for the maximum win and usually take over the whole game. A win from one of these may cause you to gain your full start fee and more! Once you make these big winds, you will experience a considerable win presentation with flashy text and enjoyable loud sounds. When a player focuses on the jewels, they can win big and even access the wild cards. Another way to play is by autoplay, which lets the player pick specific objectives. The player needs to choose the number of spins and money to bet on. This will make the game become computerized and play on its own. At times it’s possible to get the mega win.


Overall, the game is a big hit in the Net Entertainment industry. Many players play Starburst at least once during their slots journey. The player may be able to win up to 3 re-spins, but there are no free spins. Starburst does not contain any bonuses neither, but it does not need them. Since the game is purely by luck, anything is seemed possible. At times, users just sit back, click autoplay and relax because the chances are still the same.  Plus, everyone would love to see the dazzling ending when they win the game, fireworks are everywhere! Another advantage is that your cash gets increased will you are just sitting back.

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Review of Jack and the Beanstalk

There are many different slot style games you can play online. They are fun for anyone that is interested in this sort of play. One of them has been created by NetEnt which a gaming company. One program they have designed is called Jack and the Beanstalk.  It’s based on the classic fairy tale. There’s plenty of great features such as Walking Wilds. This feature allows you to get re-spins without any other costs. Another feature is free spins where you can get up to 15 of them. Let’s look at this one in more detail to see what it offers you.

Playing the Game

This is a 20 payline slot game with five reels. It was produced by Net Entertainment.  You will recognise this one because it’s based on that fairy tale that we have all read as children. You’ll search the land to find your riches. One of the innovations in the game is the treasure collection feature. You can play for as little as a few cents, or you can spend $100 if you want. If you get the Walking Wild and it appears on your screen, you get a re-spin. This feature gives you more chances of winning the game. I found this to be a useful feature.

uk review jack and the beanstalkRe-Spins and Free Spins

If you have the wild on the reels, you’ll continue to get a re-spin. During each re-spin, you can also get more Walking Wilds, and you will continue to get re-spins for as long as the Wilds are there. These have a three times multiplier which is attached. In the Free Spins feature, There’s also the wild, walking element. When you get three or more Treasure Chest symbols on the reals, you get free spins. This reward grants up to 10 free spins. If you get an additional three more chests, then there are another five free spins granted to you. There’s a lot of ways to get free plays in Jack in the Beanstalk.

Treasure Collection

When you play the free spins, feature there is the treasure collection. You will see critical symbols that appear on the fifth reel.  When you can collect three keys, the next Wild on the reals is stacked with two money bags. If you get another three keys for a total of 6, the Wilds turn into three golden hens. If you can collect another three keys for a total of 9 keys, you get golden harp wilds. This opens up more ways for you to win the game. I liked all the different ways to win as it gives you plenty of options to play.


Jack In the Beanstalk is a lot of fun. You will probably win something once out of every three spins. Granted each win might not be a lot, it’s still fun to win something when you play. To get a big win, you need to collect the nine keys in the free spins. This can allow you to win up to 500 times the amount that you bet.  Many people have won playing this slot game, and I recommend you give it a try. If you like casino-style programs on the internet, this one is well worth your time, and you’ll have fun. Read all of my review and new on the main page.

Review of Guns n Roses

Do you like the band Guns and Roses?  There’s a slot game that you can play based on this band.  it comes from NetEnt™ which has an affiliation with Bravo International Group.  there’s a soundtrack when you play the slot game. you get the authentic Guns N Roses experience when you spend your time playing. you want to rock out and have a good time, this is the way to go. it’s just like being in the crowd during a gig. If you want a unique slot experience, then I would give this one a try. Here’s more about it.

About Guns N Roses Slots

This game features 3 row, 5 real, end 20-line video slots. you’ll get expanding Wilds, wild substitutions, bonus wheel, and other features. Some other features are Appetite

for Destruction Wild, on Encore free spins, bonus symbols, and the legend spins. This is a truly a unique rock and Roll slot experience that you’re going to want to try. The program gets its inspiration from this famous group. Many that have tried it have had a lot of fun playing it and there’s even individuals from the band present. For a unique experience, I would try this one out.

Rock with Guns N Roses

There are many Plain Jane slot machine games you can play. While plenty of these can be fun, they do get boring after some time. This one has great sounds as well as Graphics to entertain you. In the game you will meet Slash as well as Axl Rose. This is unique and a very fun slot experience. The game will appeal to many generations of people as this is a very famous group. If you have never tried a game such as this one, I would give it a try. My initial impressions of this game, is that it’s a lot of fun.

uk review guns n rosesGreat Animations and Graphics

Many slot machine games do the same thing and get boring. This one has great character symbols. There’s also great sound effects in the game. The production team that developed it did a very good job with the sound. You will really want to rock out when you play this game and it’s perfect for those that enjoy this musical group. I found that the game ran quite smoothly. There’s a great presentation and it’s well worth playing when compared to similar titles. if you enjoy it has a high entertainment value, you’re going to want to try because you’ll enjoy it


I’ve played many slot games in the past, but this one is very unique. If you’re a fan of Guns N Roses like I am, you should give it a try. The music and presentation is top-notch. It’s a cut above others that are similar, and the wow factor is there. If you’re getting bored of slot style casino products, this one will Peak your interest. For an amazing experience try this one out as it’s well worth the time you invest. I do recommend this program for those that want something different.


Review of Gonzo’s Quest

Do you want to play an excellent slot-style game online?  There are many fun programs that you can try, and they will work through different devices that you own. One of these great games is called Gonzo’s Quest. It has excellent animations and amazing graphics making it very fun for anyone looking to play casino-style entertainment. If you’ve tried to find fun things through Casino websites on the Internet and had difficulty try this. There’s no better time than the present to give a slot game a play to see if you can win. Here’s more about the game and how it works.

About Gonzo’s Quest

When you try it out, you’ll get 20 pay lines and five reels. It’s produced by NetEnt and looks great on your computer. It’s based on Gonzalo Pizarro who was a conqueror. He wanted to navigate through the jungles in the Amazon. He was looking for El Dorado a lost city of gold. This will appeal to all sorts of slot players looking for some fun. One unique feature is that conventional spinning reels are not used as the symbols fall from above.  This makes the program very exciting to play. If you want something unique, I will give this one a try because you’ll have fun.

Playing the Game

The symbols that fall from above are called Avalanche reels. Other slot games use this sort of future for more variety. When you win, there are Mayan themed symbols that will explode and then disappear. The tokens that remain fall into gaps, and there are new symbols at the top of the screen. It’s possible to get a five times multiplier on any winning spin you have. The Fee Falls bonus feature is one of the leading highlights of the game. If you get three free falls scatter symbols on consecutive reels three times, you get this bonus. I found this to be a good part of this casino slots program.

review gonzos questPopular Game

This is quite popular especially in Scandinavian countries period in the UK for example; this is a casino slot game. You might not get many big wins at first, but when you do win the payouts are quite substantial. It’s fun when you win because Gonzo becomes animated. He may do a moonwalk for example, and dance around for you. I want something fun to play you’ll find that it’s exciting and rewarding to play. If you’ve tried ones and not been satisfied with your results, I would give this one a good shot.  This has decent features you’ll love with each spin.


For those that want to play a game based on a bit of history and be entertained try this one. I found it to be one of the better slot programs I have played online. It’s fun because of the different animations, and it also features some well-done graphics. The company that produced it called Net Entertainment indicates this is still a favourite game. It was the first Platinum slot program they had. To this day, it’s always played by many people. If you want to play a game that has some popularity, this one is it. Try Gonzo’s Quest, and you’ll see how fun it is.

Review of Fruit Spin

Are you looking for a fun mobile slots-style game? These programs can give you a lot of entertainment. One such game you might want to consider is called Fruit Spin. This has been a free hit, and many individuals are playing it. This has lovely gameplay, and you’re going to enjoy your time spent with this style of online entertainment. You’ll be impressed by the design of it and how simple it is to play. Many people are having fun so here’s a little bit more about this slot style online. You’re going to have as much fun as I did try it.

Understanding Fruit Spin

When you play, you will end up getting many free spin bonus games.  It features are colourful design and has more of a traditional look that regular mobile slot games have. The game that may be simple, but there is that fun factor. There’s a typical fruit type slot element like bars, jam-like fruits, and the sevens.This occurs on a background which is green in colour. There’s not a lot of inspiration in this game, but it is still worth your time. Once you begin playing, you will see that there is a lot to be gained from this slot style mobile game

review fruit spin ukThe Game Play

when you play, you might be bored of the theme; this will go away because spinning this game is fun. There’s five times for reals which have plenty of symbols. You get meaningful 40 pay lines, and there are not just pennies that are paid out. It’s going to take you around 25 to 50 spins to get all of the wild symbols, take your time playing this game and there will be a good result. It’s simple to play, so the game is a good one for beginners to get involved with. Most individuals that start with it will enjoy spending time end going for just one more spin.

The Fun Element

A simple slot game might not seem to be very exciting for the average person. This one has more excitement because of the free spins. These are available every 25 to 50 turns, so you have a chance to win more often. When you get free spins, the wild symbol will come as a block area. This will cover three symbols hi and three symbols wide. It means you get more wins, so the excitement factor in this game is there. Players will need to wait for free spins to win over 30 times their betting amount. Try it, and you’ll see that this game offers you lots of adventure. Read all of my guides to new slot games on the main page.


Fruit Spin is a slot style online game that you can play.  One of the highlights of it is the free Spin element which will help you win more often. You will still need to budget your spins and play time, but you will succeed at it. When the game gets going, you’re going to feel the excitement and want to try it one more round. This is a slot style program that I would recommend you try at least once.  if you work, there’s a good chance you will want to go for another spin to see if you win

Review of EggOmatic

Online casino games can be fun. There are many different games that you can play such as EggOmatic.  If you have some free time in your busy schedule, you can take advantage of these different types of games. They can offer you a lot of challenge and be very fun for you. This is a fascinating type a video slot that you can play. You may have thought about playing a slot online but don’t know what they offer you. Here’s a little bit more about this program and how it can benefit you.

More Fun

With EggOmatic, you can have a lot of fun with this3 row, five row, and 20 Lines video slot game. When you play it, you’ll be taken inside an egg Factory that is run by Hi-Tech robots. The production in the facility will be down. You don’t have to worry though; there’s a crazy rooster in the program that’s invented the machine called the Eggomatic.  This machine substitutes the symbols, so it is fun for you as a player. You’ll have a lot of options in this online casino slot, and it’s well worth your time to give it a try if you want a good experience.

uk review eggomatic

Different Ways to Pay

When you play it, there are different ways to go about this. There will be four various types of eggs that are put onto the conveyor belt. This will occur during each one of your spins in the primary game type. There are multiple ways to play such as coin win eggs, Free Spin eggs, Mysterious Surprise egg, and Spreading Wild Eggs.These are the play styles that you can take advantage of.  When you have an egg that shows on the conveyor belt of the program, a wild roosters symbol appears.You’ll see this on the wheels, and the egg will fall. The rooster will then crack this open.You will win the prize that’s inside of this.

Free Spins

Another thing to get excited about is that when you get the free spin eggs. This is cracked open; you can get up to fifty free spins so that you can play more often. When you do the free Spin, there’s a random egg that appears on your conveyor belt.This can give you more chances for extra spins. This is another way to play this slot machine online game. You should take advantage of this as it’s always nice to have a free Spin on a slot machine experience. I enjoyed this and found it to be a useful feature.

EggOmatic Is a fun online experience.It’s Great slot machine casino game that you will want to give to try. It has plenty of nice features such as the free spin,  and modes to take advantage of Its fun for everyone. I recommend that you give this one a try online when you’re looking for a casino program to play. You may have played others similar to this one.If you want something that’s unique, I will try this before the others as it merely has more to offer you. Even new players will have a great time with it. Find all of my reviews by going back to the main page HERE.

Review of Aloha! Cluster Pays

Are you looking for a good slot game that you can play with all of your devices? One of the more popular ones is called Aloha! Cluster Pays. This is an enjoyable slot program that you will enjoy playing. It’s Easy for anyone to get involved with this game and you’re going to have a lot of fun when you do play. If you’ve never tried online slot games, this one is recommended as it’s quite fun. You can use the free Spin feature, and this is one of the ways that you can win. Here’s some more information about Aloha! Cluster Pays.

Where to Play

You can play this game through NetEnt and use any device to play it. This Is a slot game that features five rows of 6 reels. You can play it with a small amount of money or a significant amount of money it’s up to you. The game has a tropical island theme, so you’ll be thick in action. When you do win with a right combination, there’s a volcano that erupts in the game, so it’s quite fun and rewarding to play this game. You’ll find this game at several casino slot places online, so it’s a smooth game start playing. There are some great gameplay mechanics which you’re going to enjoy

About the Game

It’s a 6-reel slot game, and the five rows have no standard page structure. You win by landing groups or what are called clusters of 9 or more. These symbols are either vertically or horizontally joined together. The game itself is quite cheerful to play, and it’s of high quality. To the right of the wheels, for instance, there’s a fun animated Tiki statue to entertain you. There’s a beautiful ground beach theme as well. There’s also theme related symbols such as coconuts, pineapples, flowers, shells, and Tiki masks so there’s lots of variety when you play.

aloha slots review

Lots of Fun

If you’ve been looking for a great slot game and want to bet some real money, then you should give this one a try. You have ten different bet levels, and the coin level is $0.01 up to $2. The minimum bet that you will play is $0.10, but this goes up to as high as $200. When you get different Tiki symbols in any place on the reels, these give you a one spin reward. There’s also the potential for a significant payout. It’s quite entertaining to play to see if you will win big or not at the game. Find all of our slot reviews at the front page.


If you want to play a good slot game online using your device such as a smartphone, try this one. It has a lot to offer you and is quite fun as well as entertaining. It has a beautiful Hawaiian type thing going on with Tiki torches and other items. You can bid a small amount of money if you want or a larger some to try and get a good payout. This is one of the better ones that I have played. I recommend it to people looking for an excellent online casino slot game. You’re going to enjoy it as much as I did.