Venetian Rose Slot Review

Venetian Rose Slot

venetian rose slot

Love is a gamble. Enter Venice and see if you could win the heart of the beautiful Venetian Rose in this slot game.

This game of reels is one with a difference. It merges storytelling, fun, and gambling into one exciting gaming experience. Set in the beautiful bridges of Venice, the game transports you to a world of romance and fun. The game aims to win the heart of the Venetian Rose, who leaves a trail of items–letters and numbers, fans, opera glasses, and mysterious punt rides–for potential suitors to find.

This 3-row, 5-reel online slot game gets even more interesting because its creators understand that love is sweeter with money. So in the player’s quest for love, the player could also build his bank in the following ways:

  1. Finding different items: The Venetian Rose is peculiar about the numbers 9 and 10, and the letters A, K Q, and J which are scattered all over the streets of Venice, and rewards the player with 5 to 150 times their stake for finding 3 to 5 matching symbols.
  2. When the Venetian Rose goes wild: The Venetian Rose, herself, can go wild (the ability to substitute for all other symbols on the reels thereby completing paylines that wouldn’t have resulted in a win) and reward the player with prizes between 10 to 3000 times their stake.
  3. Masks and Scattered Masks: Finding between 2 to 5 makes rewards the player with up to 200 times their stake. However, finding 3 or more scattered masks will trigger the Free Game Feature which comprises 10 Free Games during which all prizes are tripled.

Summing it up

Created by NextGen Gaming Team and compatible with Android and iOS devices, a player can play from just one line to 25 pay lines at a time, and is required to stake each line from a minimum of 0.01 coins up to 2.0 coins, that is, a minimum of 0,01 coins a spin and a maximum of 50 coins a spin.

The gamble feature, prominent in many NextGen games, gives a player the choice to either go for a bigger win or stick to what they know is guaranteed. Every time a player is rewarded with a prize, the player can either double or quadruple the reward in this gamble feature. The player only needs to guess the color or suit of the card. However, one wrong move . . . and it is over.

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How Casinos Protect Themselves Against Cheaters


Las Vegas is known for the casinos and entertainment options. It is a destination to let loose and blow off some steam. With a drink in hand and pockets full of money, tourist spends their nights by the tables. Thanks to the visitors, casinos report around $70 billion in revenue every year.

These establishments are shiny on the outside but the inside is not as glamorous. Money attracts people just like honey attracts flies. For every handful of happy tourist, there is one person up to no good. They try to fool the system and take an extra coin home.

Casinos are forced to increase the security measures every year. People can see the cameras around the place but they ignore what is really going on.

All The Tricks In The Book

There are different types of cheaters and different ways of cheating. Each game has a trick or technique to fool the handler. Counting cards, mechanical devices, and alliances with the handlers are the most common.

A device hidden on a sleeve can change cards. These are almost impossible to detect but it is not impossible. Counting cards or assessing the table for other player is common. A cheater is never alone, their accomplices could be insiders.

Cheaters go to the greatest lengths to fool the system but the system keeps evolving. Some of the most sophisticated security tools are hidden inside casinos.

Protection Tools

Around the establishment, thousands of cameras are installed. They record every single movement inside the casino. Behind the scenes, a team reviews the images searching for patterns. After years of experience, security teams can tell regular tourists from cheaters. Once they detect a person of interest, the team follows its movements.

The cameras and fiber cables keep an eye on the floor but are not the only measure. Angel Eye is one of the systems used on the blackjack tables. Each card has a barcode that is registered when it touches the table. If one card is changed, the handler immediately receives an alert.

So similar systems are present all around the casino. State of the art systems that protect the casinos and oblivious tourists equally. It’s a lot harder to fraud an good online casino. We prefer to use a comparison website, our favorite as of today is Be sure to check them out.

Know Your Enemy

Security companies test their technology on casinos. These are the perfect environment to test subjects and collect data. High security translates into better marketing strategies due to the information obtained.

When a visitor enters a casino the recognition systems creates a profile on then. In a matter of minutes, the casinos know every relevant piece of information about them. TableEye21 is one of the most popular software. It measures the skills of the player and based on that determines the profit for the casino.

So to prevent inside jobs, the casinos adopted the Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness (NORA) software. It tracks information and detects any past interaction between visitors and handlers. If both people lived in the same county at the same time, the software will red flag them. So these are some of the hundreds of software casino use to protect themselves. Read all of my posts here.

Rules of poker 2018


Poker is a card game enjoyed by millions.  It is card game that has changed many times over centuries and has even given rise to modern-day professional players.  The best place to start playing Poker is to learn the rules.  Here is a brief description of the rules for beginners and those that want to refresh their game plan

The cards and their values

Poker is played with one pack of cards that is made up of 52 cards, and sometimes the two jokers are added.  In professional games, two boxes of cards of different colours are used so that the game is sped up.

In casinos and clubs, it is reasonable for packs of cards to be changed, and players can request new cards at any time.  New card packs are always opened in front of players to ensure no tampering.

There are many forms of the game, but if you understand the basics, you can play any type of Poker.  A hand of poker is five cards, and the combinations rank from five of a kind to no pair.  Five of a Kind is the highest hand, and no pair is the lowest.


Betting is a vital element of Poker.  In each deal, there will be one or a few bets placed by players.

In Poker, betting starts before any cards are dealt.  Players will open the game with placing bets.  At each betting round, a player makes a wager.  Each player to the left then matches that initial bet, raises it or folds (refuses to bet).  When you fold, you are no longer able to play in that round.

It is during the betting rounds that your bluffing skills come in handy.  The more you bluff and make your competitors believe you have a better hand, the high the chance they will fold.  With effective bluffing, you don’t need a winning combination of cards to win.  The element of bluffing is what makes Poker incredibly popular.

It is all about timing

Knowing when to bet is vital in Poker.  It is a game of statistics and numbers.  The higher the hand ranks, the less chance of a player getting that hand.  For example, statistically, a player will be dealt Five of a Kind once in 65 000 hands.

Should a player hold a hand that is less likely to win the pot, he or she should not bet; unless that player plans on using his or her game strategy and bluffing.  Players are not able to measure the size of their bets if they do not know what makes up a right hand or a bad hand.

The limit of the bets is determined by the players in a casual game or by the house in professional or club games.  Once you have the basics down and have perfected your bluffing game, you can have hours of fun playing Poker.  More and more people are starting to play poker, both casually and professionally.  However, should you be aiming to hit the professional level, you will need to practice regularly.

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New Online Casinos UK 2018

new online casinos uk

New Online Casinos UK, there are plenty and hard to stay on top!  I love reviewing slots but what many people don’t think about is that new slots are often released the same time as new operators in the UK 2018. One of my best tips for you if you want to stay on top of new slots 2018 is to keep on top of new online casinos UK 2018.

My best tips are:

  1. Find your favourite comparison site
  2. Visit them regularly to see new online casinos UK 2018
  3. Read reviews of the new online casinos UK
  4. Especailly look if they mention new game developers or new slots at launch

The best site I have found regarding new online casinos in the UK is a website called They are on top when new brands are launching in the UK and always offer longer reviews than the competition.

What to keep in mind when scouting New Online Casinos UK 2018

How do you navigate in this mayhem of new online casinos UK 2018? As mentioned above, follow a couple of useful comparisons review sites. When you find a new brand that you want to try you should always critical and carefully read up on the company behind this new brand. I will go through some of the big topics you should have in the back of your head when checking out new online casinos UK 2018.

Safety & Security

Safety is a critical part because you often give the company a lot of private information such as address, card information and phone number. If it’s a company that have more brands, try reading about these and see how they have handled the safety and security in the past. You should always feel safe when playing New Online Casinos UK 2018. If you are a UK player then still chose operators that have been approved by the UKGC.

Payment Alternatives at New Online Casinos UK

It’s common that New Online Casinos UK offers fast payouts and fast deposits. It’s important to always read the fine print. Sometimes it differs in what you have available depending if you are depositing or making a withdrawal. Payout days is often more than deposit days. This is normal but be sure to find out beforehand, so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises the day you want to make a cashout.

Customer Support

It’s an annoying thing to have to use, but when you are having troubles, you will thank yourself. Always check this parameter before signing up. Live chat support that’s open 24/7 is my favourite. You never know where in the world the company has its seating and what languages they support. In live chat support, you can take your time and give well-formulated sentences. This is to most common support feature of fresh operators in the UK.


I hope you have more knowledge about how to find New Online Casinos in the UK and what to check before signing up. If you follow these easy steps, you shouldn’t have any problem navigating. It’s a crazy gambling scene in the United Kingdom. Hope you enjoy reading my blog and keep coming back for reviews of new slots. You can find them HERE. Always play with caution and remember to have fun!




Review of Asgardian Stones

Asgardian Stones is an online slot machine game produced by Net Entertainment. The release date was on February 22nd, 2018. Which makes it a new game, the released game will allow players to play with real money. The stakes will get higher than the usual free games. Players will be able to play this game on other online casinos. This guarantees users to feel as if they are in a casino during the slot machine game. Asgardian Stones revolves around the mythical realms which any human many endure. Even though it is a fantasy, it is a big hit on Net Entertainment.

Where to play

The Asgardian Stones can be performed through the web, whether on desktop computers or smartphones. The game consists of 5 reels and 20 pay lines which makes it interesting. The buy-in starts at 20 pounds till 200 euros. The game design plays a significant role in the game because it gives off a kind of mystical vibe. The players can witness the gates of Asgard, which will remind them of the ancient times.

As known, Asgard is a place for gods, and this slot machine takes you there! The user will feel at Asgard soon as they see the large stones, and power that the game sends out. The set also contains a soundtrack, so for maximum effect, wear headsets. Even, the signs that symbolise the cards A, K, Q will get you the highest values.

About the game

Asgardian Stone comes with the Norse theme which provides the players with many features. The game also comes will colossal cyphers, that can make winning much more comfortable than it is. First, a screen with all play lines is displaying. It is mostly Aces, kings and queens that get shown in a flashy manner. Once the user clicks on the spin button, those stones fall off the screen. You are now faced with a few rocks on the left side and a considerable spin wheel on the right. You are given the option to spin the wheel, and that is how you can collect your winnings. The game is exciting and different than usual slot machine games. It gives a certain vibe that slot machines don’t usually give off. No other slot mechanism game displays the symbols then lets them explode on the spot before returning.

review of asgardian stone

Game Features

This slot game provides a variety of features from free spins to bonus features. Sone of the highlights is the Wildcard. This can get substituted for all the symbols on the Bonus wheel. As mentioned above, a user can receive up to 25 the times their buy-in.  This is done by their signs A, K, Q and any other God figures. Blocks that can match the symbols 2×2, 3×3 will provide you with the maximum winnings. If the user receives colossal symbols come together, the victories get bigger. The free spins can make up to 15 turns, once the user gets into three free spin segments.

Review of Planet of The Apes

Did you ever feel imagine what it could be like on Planet of the Apes? To be thriving with apes all around you. Well, the game is officially here! And you would feel just like you would in the movie. This slot game was made to put players on their feet and enjoy real-time movie games. It is not considered one of the best Netent games for nothing! There are action packed features that can be accessed throughout the whole game to make it more interesting. It does justice to both movies as well as any future movies that may be created as a sequel.

Where to play

You can play anywhere through any of your screen devices. It offers maximum light and speed endurance, so you will feel like you are in the game. As well as the sound effects which make you feel like you are in the movie. For the best fact, it is best to wear headphones and crank the volume. Each game starts with 5-reels, 3-rows (each side), and 20 fixed pay lines. The set comes with features similar but not limited to, wind substitutions, Stacked Wild, Dual and free spins and bonuses.Bet levels can range from 1-10 and coin levels from $0.01 – $1.00. You also have the option to choose autoplay for some rounds. There are many symbols rewards even for beginners!

planet of the apes uk slot

About the game

This slot was created because more and more people enjoyed the movie and its sequels. The game lets users relive two movie sequels as if they are inside the game. These two films are “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. The owners made sure the lights and action are up to a maximum to give players a sense of the movie. The slot machine was released on October 23, 2017, by Fox studios.

These two movies are placed in slots of next to each other to display a dark and light effect. As well as the characters in the film which make an appearance on some of the slots. This allows the player to view the slots from a different perspective, just like how the movies are different.

Lots of Good Times

Many users enjoy the introduction that is placed at the beginning of the slot game. The video starts to play as soon as you open the game. It gives you a glimpse of the two movies and action-packed features to get you more attracted to play.  It provides you with two games at once, structures five rollers and 20 pay lines of action. However, each of them operates independently, which the players find interesting. The slot game also allows users to play double dual; this makes it more extravagant. They can also stack wild feature; this occurs when the Rise area is in the same position as the Dawn area. When this happens, you are entering the super mega win of multiple wins at a time! If you want to read my latest 2018 slot reviews you can find them HERE.