Review of Starburst

The Starburst slot game is powered by Net Entertainment. It contains incredibly struck jewels that would change the appearance of the game itself. It is ranked as Netent most popular games with many users still playing it. The game was made for players to feel the good old days. The primary source is to contact as if you are in an arcade while playing the game repeatedly. Starburst is met for simplicity, so users don’t need to think so hard while playing. The game believes in “less is more”, which made it considered an online gambling game. It is regarded as one of the best slot machines, especially since it has its game portfolio! It is safe to say; players have at least played this game once in their life!

Where to play

Starburst slot can be played on your computer or your smartphone. It is a very active game that consists of lively colours. The game is high-speed, and it is needed to be a bit quick to win maximum payouts. The game consists of 5-reels and three rows, with a buy-in starting at 10 pounds till 100 euros per spin. The stone symbols add a touch of classy yet glamourous to the slot machine. There are also chances of getting the Lucky 7 and Bar symbols. If you receive a wild symbol on one reel, the rest of the coils will re-spin. Yes, lucky needs to be on your side! At times, the player can get up to 3 re-spins, which is impressive since it is more chances to win. Starburst slots are also available at casinos as one of the leading attractions!

starburst ukDifferent ways to play

There are different ways to play Starburst. You can either focus on the jewel symbols or the Lucky7 and Bar symbols. Both ways, there are two different outcomes. The Lucky 7 and Bar are there for the maximum win and usually take over the whole game. A win from one of these may cause you to gain your full start fee and more! Once you make these big winds, you will experience a considerable win presentation with flashy text and enjoyable loud sounds. When a player focuses on the jewels, they can win big and even access the wild cards. Another way to play is by autoplay, which lets the player pick specific objectives. The player needs to choose the number of spins and money to bet on. This will make the game become computerized and play on its own. At times it’s possible to get the mega win.


Overall, the game is a big hit in the Net Entertainment industry. Many players play Starburst at least once during their slots journey. The player may be able to win up to 3 re-spins, but there are no free spins. Starburst does not contain any bonuses neither, but it does not need them. Since the game is purely by luck, anything is seemed possible. At times, users just sit back, click autoplay and relax because the chances are still the same.  Plus, everyone would love to see the dazzling ending when they win the game, fireworks are everywhere! Another advantage is that your cash gets increased will you are just sitting back.

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