How Casinos Protect Themselves Against Cheaters


Las Vegas is known for the casinos and entertainment options. It is a destination to let loose and blow off some steam. With a drink in hand and pockets full of money, tourist spends their nights by the tables. Thanks to the visitors, casinos report around $70 billion in revenue every year.

These establishments are shiny on the outside but the inside is not as glamorous. Money attracts people just like honey attracts flies. For every handful of happy tourist, there is one person up to no good. They try to fool the system and take an extra coin home.

Casinos are forced to increase the security measures every year. People can see the cameras around the place but they ignore what is really going on.

All The Tricks In The Book

There are different types of cheaters and different ways of cheating. Each game has a trick or technique to fool the handler. Counting cards, mechanical devices, and alliances with the handlers are the most common.

A device hidden on a sleeve can change cards. These are almost impossible to detect but it is not impossible. Counting cards or assessing the table for other player is common. A cheater is never alone, their accomplices could be insiders.

Cheaters go to the greatest lengths to fool the system but the system keeps evolving. Some of the most sophisticated security tools are hidden inside casinos.

Protection Tools

Around the establishment, thousands of cameras are installed. They record every single movement inside the casino. Behind the scenes, a team reviews the images searching for patterns. After years of experience, security teams can tell regular tourists from cheaters. Once they detect a person of interest, the team follows its movements.

The cameras and fiber cables keep an eye on the floor but are not the only measure. Angel Eye is one of the systems used on the blackjack tables. Each card has a barcode that is registered when it touches the table. If one card is changed, the handler immediately receives an alert.

So similar systems are present all around the casino. State of the art systems that protect the casinos and oblivious tourists equally. It’s a lot harder to fraud an good online casino. We prefer to use a comparison website, our favorite as of today is Be sure to check them out.

Know Your Enemy

Security companies test their technology on casinos. These are the perfect environment to test subjects and collect data. High security translates into better marketing strategies due to the information obtained.

When a visitor enters a casino the recognition systems creates a profile on then. In a matter of minutes, the casinos know every relevant piece of information about them. TableEye21 is one of the most popular software. It measures the skills of the player and based on that determines the profit for the casino.

So to prevent inside jobs, the casinos adopted the Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness (NORA) software. It tracks information and detects any past interaction between visitors and handlers. If both people lived in the same county at the same time, the software will red flag them. So these are some of the hundreds of software casino use to protect themselves. Read all of my posts here.