Review of Guns n Roses

Do you like the band Guns and Roses?  There’s a slot game that you can play based on this band.  it comes from NetEnt™ which has an affiliation with Bravo International Group.  there’s a soundtrack when you play the slot game. you get the authentic Guns N Roses experience when you spend your time playing. you want to rock out and have a good time, this is the way to go. it’s just like being in the crowd during a gig. If you want a unique slot experience, then I would give this one a try. Here’s more about it.

About Guns N Roses Slots

This game features 3 row, 5 real, end 20-line video slots. you’ll get expanding Wilds, wild substitutions, bonus wheel, and other features. Some other features are Appetite

for Destruction Wild, on Encore free spins, bonus symbols, and the legend spins. This is a truly a unique rock and Roll slot experience that you’re going to want to try. The program gets its inspiration from this famous group. Many that have tried it have had a lot of fun playing it and there’s even individuals from the band present. For a unique experience, I would try this one out.

Rock with Guns N Roses

There are many Plain Jane slot machine games you can play. While plenty of these can be fun, they do get boring after some time. This one has great sounds as well as Graphics to entertain you. In the game you will meet Slash as well as Axl Rose. This is unique and a very fun slot experience. The game will appeal to many generations of people as this is a very famous group. If you have never tried a game such as this one, I would give it a try. My initial impressions of this game, is that it’s a lot of fun.

uk review guns n rosesGreat Animations and Graphics

Many slot machine games do the same thing and get boring. This one has great character symbols. There’s also great sound effects in the game. The production team that developed it did a very good job with the sound. You will really want to rock out when you play this game and it’s perfect for those that enjoy this musical group. I found that the game ran quite smoothly. There’s a great presentation and it’s well worth playing when compared to similar titles. if you enjoy it has a high entertainment value, you’re going to want to try because you’ll enjoy it


I’ve played many slot games in the past, but this one is very unique. If you’re a fan of Guns N Roses like I am, you should give it a try. The music and presentation is top-notch. It’s a cut above others that are similar, and the wow factor is there. If you’re getting bored of slot style casino products, this one will Peak your interest. For an amazing experience try this one out as it’s well worth the time you invest. I do recommend this program for those that want something different.