Rules of poker 2018


Poker is a card game enjoyed by millions.  It is card game that has changed many times over centuries and has even given rise to modern-day professional players.  The best place to start playing Poker is to learn the rules.  Here is a brief description of the rules for beginners and those that want to refresh their game plan

The cards and their values

Poker is played with one pack of cards that is made up of 52 cards, and sometimes the two jokers are added.  In professional games, two boxes of cards of different colours are used so that the game is sped up.

In casinos and clubs, it is reasonable for packs of cards to be changed, and players can request new cards at any time.  New card packs are always opened in front of players to ensure no tampering.

There are many forms of the game, but if you understand the basics, you can play any type of Poker.  A hand of poker is five cards, and the combinations rank from five of a kind to no pair.  Five of a Kind is the highest hand, and no pair is the lowest.


Betting is a vital element of Poker.  In each deal, there will be one or a few bets placed by players.

In Poker, betting starts before any cards are dealt.  Players will open the game with placing bets.  At each betting round, a player makes a wager.  Each player to the left then matches that initial bet, raises it or folds (refuses to bet).  When you fold, you are no longer able to play in that round.

It is during the betting rounds that your bluffing skills come in handy.  The more you bluff and make your competitors believe you have a better hand, the high the chance they will fold.  With effective bluffing, you don’t need a winning combination of cards to win.  The element of bluffing is what makes Poker incredibly popular.

It is all about timing

Knowing when to bet is vital in Poker.  It is a game of statistics and numbers.  The higher the hand ranks, the less chance of a player getting that hand.  For example, statistically, a player will be dealt Five of a Kind once in 65 000 hands.

Should a player hold a hand that is less likely to win the pot, he or she should not bet; unless that player plans on using his or her game strategy and bluffing.  Players are not able to measure the size of their bets if they do not know what makes up a right hand or a bad hand.

The limit of the bets is determined by the players in a casual game or by the house in professional or club games.  Once you have the basics down and have perfected your bluffing game, you can have hours of fun playing Poker.  More and more people are starting to play poker, both casually and professionally.  However, should you be aiming to hit the professional level, you will need to practice regularly.

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